About this project


The project addresses the following scientific and technical objectives:

  1. To improve modern measurement techniques for silicon detectors (Si(Li)), solid scintillator crystals (LaBr3/CeBr3) and magnetic spectrometers for measurements of beta spectra. (WP3)
  2. To optimise beta spectrometers, based on Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters (MMCs), and measure new high resolution beta spectra for low (< 100 keV) and intermediate (< 1 MeV) end-point energy pure beta emitters Sm-151, C-14, Tc-99 and Cl-36. (WP2), D5, D6
  3. To improve theoretical computation methods and compare the measured and calculated beta spectra. (WP1 and WP4)
  4. To investigate the effect of improved beta spectra on absolute activity measurements and measure Bremsstrahlung cross-sections to quantify their effect. (WP4)
  5. To facilitate the take up of the technology and measurement infrastructure developed by the project by the measurement supply chain (accredited laboratories, instrumentation manufacturers) and end users (the nuclear medicine community and the nuclear power industry). (WP5)